The Wonders of Bilocation

Bilocation is when the Mind of one’s Emotional Body consciously travels to a distant location while one’s brain and physical body are in a meditative state. Bilocation is a normal event for any Enlightened individual whose brain and Mind work together as one.

Bilocation used to be quite common and bilocation events have been recorded throughout history. Bilocation was used by the US Army and called Remote Viewing, but as wireless energies lowered Love Energies and Consciousness around the world, their spying on others at the 3rd level of physical bodies no longer worked because of a lack of Love Energy.

Fortunately, we use more than mental projection, we use Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss in the activation of multiple Merkabas and have over 15 years of experience in bilocation using multiple Merkabas to travel to distant locations.

We teach activation of 3rd/4th level and 5th level Merkabas in our weekend Activator Classes so participants may bilocate with us in our weekly Love Fests. Bilocation is important as it enables one to have gain experiences on multiple levels of Conscious Awareness beyond the 3rd level constraints of physical bodies so one is prepared for Ascension.

We bilocate together during our Love Fests. We use Skype to connect with our Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques family around the world, so every week together we can bilocate to a distant magical Love oriented place.

Then, in these heightened Unconditional Love Energies that are Beyond Bliss we dance on the 5th and higher levels of existence in order to heal our physical bodies and our Emotional Bodies, expand our Consciousness and prepare for our Ascension.

Soon we will be offering people the opportunity to use a recording and 3 unique “Seer Stones” so people around the world may enjoy bilocating to a Love Energy Sanctuary for a healing at anytime they wish. Each bilocation uses a 3rd/4th level Merkaba activated for participants during the recording.

Soon, people will be able to self heal themselves, expand their Conscious Awareness and bilocate to a Love Energy Sanctuary so they may fully enjoy better health and happiness today while also preparing for their personal Ascension to the higher levels of existence in our universe.