Love Energy Techniques Starfire Healer Classes

In 5 days our Starfire Healer Classes enable and empower participants to be able to use Unity Consciousness level Unconditional Love Energies to heal the physical bodies and Minds, or Souls, of open minded people.

Once one has self healed oneself and expanded one’s Conscious Awareness to Enlightenment on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional levels using our Activator level Love Energy Techniques, one become ready to activate and use 6th and 7th dimensional level Unity Consciousness Energies of Unconditional Love to heal others in the proper way.

All of the diseases and discomforts in 3rd dimensional human physical bodies are the result of the energetic imbalances that occur whenever the energies of Unceasing Light exceed the energies of Unconditional Love. Conversely, whenever the energies of Unconditional Love exceed the energies of Unceasing Light, the energies of 4th dimensional Joy, 5th dimensional Bliss and 6th dimensional Beyond Bliss dominate one’s body and one feels wonderful.

In our Love Energy Techniques Starfire Healing Class participants are shown step by step by our Teachers how to cleanse their 3rd through 7th dimensional Spiritual Energy Centers. Then, participants are taught how their Conscious Awareness can use Unconditional Love Energies to activate their 3rd through 7th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness into Merkabas. Once participants are comfortable in performing action using 7th dimensional Unity Consciousness level Energies of Unconditional Love, participants are taught how to be a pure conduit of such energies so they may heal other people in the proper way and then they are personally introduced to 28 7th dimensional Unity Consciousness level Teraphim.

Next, participants are taught our sacred techniques on how they will work together with their 28 Teraphim to co-create 7th dimensional Unity Consciousness level Healing Energies of Unconditional Love that can naturally heal open minded family members, friends and other people of their dis-eases and dis-comforts.

Participants gain experience in healing by giving Starfire Healing Treatments to each other. In this way, participants are fully prepared when they leave the class to go forth and heal open minded family members, friends and other people using Unconditional Love Energy Starfire Healing Techniques.

Email us further information about our Love Energy Starfire Healing Classes and/or to receive a Love Energy Starfire Healing Treatment from one of our Starfire Healers.

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