Experiences in Enlightenment Classes

In our 2 hour classes you will experience the legendary state of consciousness that is called Enlightenment. You will be given what we call “True Knowledge” about Enlightenment as well as on the topic of each Experiences in Enlightenment Class.

Our lineage’s True Knowledge method of teaching involves a Teacher in the state of Enlightenment explaining to you what is Enlightenment and the class topic using our lineage’s wisdom. Then, you experience Enlightenment and that topic when you personally receive your two love-filled Healing Treatments and are taught how to properly use several of our lineage’s Love Energy Techniques.

Our Class Topics include:

  • How to Meditate and Instantly Attain Enlightenment
  • Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Life
  • Prevent Cancer and Other Major Health Problems
  • Guided Karma Cleanse to Remove Love Energy Blockages

Please email us and provide your city, province/state and country, so we may direct you to your nearest Teacher.

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