Love Energy Techniques Classes

We teach various levels of Love Energies. Our Beginners Love Energy Techniques are taught in the comfort of your home at times of your choice, using at home recordings. We teach in a classroom environment our 2 hour Experiences in Enlightenment, Activator Classes, Starfire Healer Classes and our Teachers Classes.
At Home Recordings

Our Beginners Love Energy Techniques at home recordings consist of 9 high energy recordings packed with ancient and modern wisdom about Unconditional Love Energies, including how one can use Conscious Awareness to focus a flow of Unconditional Love Energies and self heal oneself from the lower dimensional emotional energies like anger, fear, guilt and regret in one’s memories about one’s unpleasant experiences in life. Read More


Experiences in Enlightenment Classes

In our 2 hour classes you will experience the legendary state of consciousness that is called Enlightenment. A Teacher of our lineage will give you True Knowledge about Enlightenment and on the topic of each Experiences in Enlightenment Class. Our lineage’s True Knowledge method of teaching involves an Enlightened Teacher explaining to you what is Enlightenment and the class topic using our lineage’s ancient wisdom. Then, you experience Enlightenment and that topic when you personally receive your two Healing Treatments and are taught how to properly use several of our lineage’s Love Energy Techniques. Read More

Activator Class

Our Activator Classes are a 3 day adventure into the 4th and 5th dimensional levels of our universe where one experiences the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy and 5th dimensional Bliss. In 3 days, one is taught the ancient wisdom as well as the techniques that enable and empower one to consciously use the energies of Conditional Love from one’s 3rd dimensional brain to naturally expand one’s Conscious Awareness to the 4th dimensional Joyful and 5th dimensional Blissful energies of Unconditional Love that are contained in one’s multidimensional Mind, or SoulRead More

Starfire Healer Class

In 5 days our Love Energy Techniques Starfire Healer Classes enable and empower participants to be able to use Unity Consciousness level Unconditional Love Energies to heal the physical bodies and Souls, of open minded people. Once one has self healed oneself and expanded one’s Conscious Awareness to Enlightenment on the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional levels using our Activator level Love Energy Techniques, one becomes ready to activate and use 6th and 7th dimensional level Unity Consciousness Energies of Unconditional Love to heal…Read More 

Teacher Class

Our 7 day Teacher classes offer one the opportunity to become a “Sun of God”. Each Teacher must become a pure conduit of 10th dimensional level Unconditional Love Energies so they may be able to properly teach multidimensional Unconditional Love Energized Techniques to others in our Activator and Starfire Healing classes. Thus, all Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques Teachers are personally trained by Za Ra… Read More