What is a Merkaba?

A Merkaba is a Love Oriented Dance of Energy that expands the size of the Consciousness in one’s Light Body to a Love-Love Light Body so one may activate 7 Merkabas from the Angelic to Solar Sun level in this Universe and experience multiple dimensional levels simultaneously… Read More


Ga Ra and Za Ra are the sacred names of the Founders. Ga Ra cognised the Sacred Merkaba Techniques in 1997 as Gary Smith and was joined by Za Ra in 2012 when they began co-teaching their Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques… Read More

Love Energy Techniques

Hear wisdom to self heal your Emotional Body. Learn techniques that enable you to attain and retain Enlightenment. Activate multiple Merkabas. Consciously experience visiting higher dimensional levels of Consciousness in this Universe… Read More


We teach one to activate 2 Merkabas in our Activator classes, 4 Merkabas in our Starfire Healer classes, and offer advanced wisdom on how to activate 7 Merkabas in our Teacher classes… Read More

Love Is an Energy

Love can be either Conditional or Unconditional. All 3rd dimensional Love is Conditional. All 4th and higher dimensional level Love is Unconditional. Read how you can use your 3rd dimensional brain to access the energies of Unconditional Love that open your 4th dimensional Mind… Read More


Our Articles section contains various subjects that Ga Ra has written in order to explain the esoteric secrets about different aspects of life from Teraphim, Sacred Beeswax to the reason why one dreams of falling from a great height and wakes up before hitting the ground… Read More

Sacred Healing Salves

Our unique balms are created with ancient healing recipes where Unity Consciousness Healing Energies of Unconditional Love are infused into the ingredients during a series of ceremonies. Special power prayers and healing mantras are included in this unique package for self healing one’s body and Mind… Read More

Weekly Love Fest

Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques practitioners world-wide gather together online every month with the founders to expand their consciousness in various ways with the energies of Unconditional Love… Read More



We offer our Love Energy Techniques Basic at Home Seminar series of recordings to those who wish to move on to experiencing activating one or more of their Merkabas, or simply for personal enJoyment. We also offer other recordings by our Founders and unique soothing musical recordings… Read More


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Guided Time Travel Adventures
Experience Guided Time Travel Adventures giving one the unique opportunity to energetically bond with 4 Record Keeper Crystals.