Love is an Energy

There are only 2 types of Love Energy but many sub-categories of the two types of Love Energy. People have heard of the two types but have an incorrect understanding of Unconditional Love. People can understand the energies of Conditional Love, but incorrectly try to explain Unconditional Love as Conditional Love given without any conditions.

The human physical body’s 3rd dimensional brain can only give Conditional Love. The Human Emotional Body’s 4th dimensional Mind or “Soul” can only give Unconditional Love. One can only give Unconditional Love when one is in an Enlightened state of Conscious Awareness. One uses one’s Enlightened brain/Mind connection to give Unconditional Love to others.

Many people misunderstand the levels and sub-categories of the brain’s Conditional Love abilities. One’s brain takes a 3rd dimensional romantic relationship and attempts to make that relationship into an Unconditional Love relationship based upon some level of open mindedness. However, in 3rd dimensional relationships the energies of Love stop flowing during any type of emotional misunderstanding.

Unconditional Love is an energy that can only be given to another person when there is a proper need for such heightened energies. An Enlightened One who consciously accesses the 4th and higher dimensional levels of Unconditional Love soon realizes that the energies of Unconditional Love that can flow through a human physical body, can only be used to properly help others.

And so it is that the highest level of Conditional Love Energies is an earthly based happy 3rd dimensional level of Love Energies generated by a human physical body’s brain. However, the lowest level of Unconditional Love Energies is the heavenly based Joy filled 4th dimensional level of Love Energies generated by a Human Emotional Body’s Mind or “Soul”.

In our Activator Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques Class participants are taught how to use Bliss filled 5th dimensional Energies of Unconditional Love to activate their 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness into a Merkaba.

In our Starfire Healer Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques Class participants are taught how to activate the Beyond Bliss 7th dimensional Energies of Unconditional Love in order to heal family members, friends and open minded people of dis-eases and dis-comforts.

And so it is that “Love is the Answer to Everything” as vividly explained in our Basic Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recording.