Our Unconditional Love Energizing Healing Chamber

Our ancestors healed people for thousands of years using Unconditional Love Energies and Healing Crystals. But, in today’s world the positive ions contained in the wireless technological energies that are constantly being used for surveillance, for cellphones, for hand held computers, etc. have now drastically reduced Love Energies around the world.

Accordingly, a former NASA scientist and his sons teamed up with Ga Ra, (a rocket engineer in the 1950s), to build our one of a kind “Unconditional Love Energy Clean Room”, that prevents technological energies from interfering with the Unconditional Love Energies that we use to help people self heal themselves of their health problems.

Thousands of Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystals are inside of the Healing Chamber’s copper pipes. Thousands of Love Energized Healing Crystals are also on the floor and upon the shelves of our Healing Chamber. These Crystals are Unconditional Love Energized several times every day during Unconditional Love Energy Ceremonies in our Healing Chamber.

We use the shielding required by “Tempest Program” level Faraday Cage specifications so we are able to block out all of the wireless technological energies constantly being sent out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to billions of cell phones, televisions, computers, etc.

Within our one of a kind Healing Chamber, without wireless technological energetic interference, we are able to infuse Unconditional Love Energies and record healing instructions directly into our Healing Crystal Sculptures so people are able to self heal themselves of their health problems using our healing Unconditional Love Energies in the comfort of their home.