Emotional Body

A human physical body has only one lifetime and typically lasts less than 100 years. However, a Human Emotional Body is capable of living forever. The human physical body’s brain enables one to live life in the normal earthly 3rd dimensional emotional energies of happiness and unhappiness.

But, if one doesn’t fully understand the concepts of Karma and reincarnation and chooses to allow their Conscious Awareness and brain to get angry, then one lives in the subnormal 2nd dimensional emotional energies of anger and regret.

However, whenever one’s Conscious Awareness chooses to use love oriented spiritual, (not religious) techniques, mantras, chants, prayers, songs and/or dances, such love oriented actions enable one’s human 3rd dimensional physical body’s brain to unify and dance with the Mind of one’s Human 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

Once one has energetically cleansed oneself of lower dimensional energies from one’s physical body and one’s Emotional Body one is able to enjoy living life within the super normal Angelic energies of 4th dimensional Joy that exist in the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment.

Ones’ permanent Emotional Body has been called by many names over the years by spiritually immature religions and scientific atheists. And so it is that today, due to the analogies of truth being written up in a fictional manner in the Bible, people have forgotten that one’s Guardian Angel spoken about by religions is one’s own 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

All of one’s experiences from each of one’s incarnations in temporary 3rd dimensional physical bodies has been recorded in the Mind of one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body. One continues to reincarnate into human physical bodies until one attains and retains the permanent state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment.

Then, as explained in our Attain Enlightenment at home seminar recording, upon the natural death of an Enlightened One’s physical body, one’s Conscious Awareness and all memories of one’s current 3rd dimensional lifetime are transferred to one’s permanent 4th dimensional Emotional Body.

Then, as an Ascended Master, one waits in the 4th dimensional level, the lowest of the 9 levels of heaven in this universe, until a critical mass number of Ascended Ones is attained. Then, it is at this moment in time, that the individual Conscious Awarenesses of a resident species, (like planet earth’s humanity), Ascend into individualized 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness.

However, there is a super normal method of Ascension that is possible for Super Enlightened individuals whereby one transforms, or transmutes, a normal 3rd dimensional physical body’s atoms of Love-Light happiness energies into the Love-Love-Love-Light Blissful Energies of a 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness. This type of instantaneous Ascension is called a Physical Body Ascension.

We at Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques have been training for years and our Conscious Awarenesses are experienced in Physical Body Ascension techniques and procedures. In our Weekly Love Fests we meet using Skype and a teleconferencing center to consciously travel, as a group, within individual Conscious Awarenesses, (like in a Physical Body Ascension), through Tunnels of Love to a distant location where there is no pain, suffering or death.