Who are Ga Ra and Za Ra

Ga Ra and Za Ra are the ancient family names of two people who first met in 3rd dimensional temporary physical bodies in this lifetime during a group meeting of senior teachers of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques in March 2009.

Ga Ra and Za Ra began their lives and spiritual work two generations apart on different continents with no knowledge of their unimaginable mission and shared destiny.

Born in Southern California at the start of the Second World War, Ga Ra chose to forgo lucrative positions in rocket science and finance to create and begin teaching his Sacred Merkaba Techniques.

Za Ra was born in South Africa in the mid 70s and left a high profile diplomatic career during Nelson Mandela presidency to find a natural cure for cancer. She completed her spiritual seeking upon finding Ga Ra’s Sacred Merkaba Techniques in 2002 and upon activating her Merkaba, Za Ra immediately began creating her Love Energy Techniques for destitute children living in urban slums in South Africa.

As they each traveled the world seeking the answers to life, Ga Ra and Za Ra drew upon vast inner reservoirs of Love energies and a deep wish to help others. They began, separately at first, to put together a mosaic of spiritual truth from sacred remnants left by earlier generations.

Ten years of unceasing service to others would pass before they fully awakened their memories and in April 2012, Ga Ra and Za Ra reunited their spiritual work into the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques.

Welcome to their Eternal Dance of Love.