The Human Mind

This article comes to you from the ben Panther family records

Many people mistakenly think that the human brain and the Human Mind are one and the same due to the burning of ancient scientific documents by religious zealots. It is well known in today’s world that the human brain is the central information processing unit of our temporary 3rd dimensional human physical bodies.

However, little is known about the Mind, but thanks to our unburned ancient family documents, we at the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques are able to share with you the fact that the Human Mind is the central information processing unit of our permanent 4th dimensional Human Emotional Bodies.

We know that the Human Mind contains the permanent records of all of the memories and emotional energies one has experienced, in every event, during each and every lifetime in a physical body. Our Mind is who we actually are. Who we are, is all of our memories, from all of our experiences in all of our incarnations.

We at the Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques offer people a unique love oriented path in life that includes techniques that unleash the latent powers of the Human Mind resulting in multidimensional levels of Enlightenment. The first level of Enlightenment occurs when one uses Love Energies to unify one’s temporary 3rd dimensional brain with one’s permanent 4th dimensional Mind.

Our Attain Enlightenment at home seminar recording explains in great detail how one can consciously direct the 3rd dimensional Spiritual Energy Spheres of one’s brain to dance together as one with the 4th dimensional Spiritual Energy Spheres of one’s Mind, to attain the state of Conscious Awareness people call Enlightenment.

Once one completes our Basic Love Energy Techniques at home seminar recordings and attends our One Day Pre-Activator Class one is ready to attend our Love Energy Techniques Activator Class where one learns how to use Love Energies to fill one’s physical body, so that the size of Conscious Awareness in one’s temporary physical body’s brain expands to include one’s permanent Emotional Body’s Mind.

This expansion of Conscious Awareness releases the Unconditional Love Energies of 4th dimensional Joy into one’s brain enabling one’s 3D brain and 4D Mind to dance together as one, in the state of Conscious Awareness that people call Enlightenment.

In our Activator Classes one learns how to use one’s Conscious Awareness in the state of Enlightenment to create a 5th dimensional Spiritual Energy Field of Consciousness so one may attain the state of Super Enlightenment where one’s expanded Conscious Awareness includes one’s 3D brain, one’s 4D Mind and one’s 5D Conscious Awareness Spiritual Energy Sphere.

The state of Conscious Awareness called Super Enlightenment enables and empowers one to use the Unconditional Love Energies of 5th dimensional Bliss to activate 3rd/4th and 5th dimensional Merkabas and join our amazing Weekly Love Fests.