The 9 Levels of Enlightenment

There are 9 levels of Enlightenment available to people in today’s world. A thousand years ago, a white man with blue eyes traveled North, Central and South America. Those in Central America called him Quetzalcoatl and those in South America called him Amaru.

But, in North America, he became forgotten as a result of the amazing teachings and techniques taught by his wife, a Mayan priestess, who is remembered by the indigenous peoples of North America as White Buffalo Calf Woman.

However, in Central America, Quetzalcoatl’s words were written down by the Mayan people and he is still remembered today for teaching people that there are 9 levels of Heaven and 3 levels of hell. We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, are direct descendants of Amaru/Quetzalcoatl and White Buffalo Calf Woman.

We have resurrected the wisdom that was taught a thousand years ago by our ancestors, as we are able to access information from them that is recorded in our DNA. As proven by recent scientific tests, the memories of one’s ancestors are recorded in one’s DNA, just like the physical body characteristics of one’s ancestors are recorded in one’s DNA.

Creation-originalOur “Creation” recording describes in detail, the 9 levels of heaven, the 3 levels of hell and how the brain of our temporary physical body lives on the highest level of hell and the Mind of our permanent Emotional Body lives on the lowest level of heaven. Our Basic Love Energy Techniques recordings explain how one attains 1st level Enlightenment when the energies of one’s brain and Mind dance together in the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy.

One can now easily experience the 1st level of Enlightenment in the comfort of one’s home using our Guided Bilocation Meditation recording where, (with the help of 3 Healing Crystals), one attains 1st level Enlightenment and uses Unconditional Love Energies of Joy to activate a 1st level Merkaba.

Our Activator Love Energy Techniques Classes are taught in person by a Love Energy Adept Teacher, (personally trained by us). Participants are taught how to attain the 2nd level of Enlightenment and how to properly activate a 2nd level Merkaba using 2nd level Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss.

Activators who attend our weekly Love Fests are able to participate in a Group Merkaba during our unique Advanced Guided Bilocation Meditations so they may obtain personal experiences and conscious memories of the amazing 3rd and 4th level Unconditional Love Energies.

Healers are taught how to attain the 3rd and 4th levels of Enlightenment in Advanced Love Energy Techniques Classes by a Love Energy Adept Teacher. Then, participants are taught how to properly activate 3rd and 4th level Merkabas using the 3rd level Unconditional Love Energies of Beyond Bliss and 4th level Unity Consciousness Unconditional Love Energies.

Once participants have fully expanded their Consciousness into 4th level Unity Consciousness, they are taught how to use their heightened levels of Unconditional Love Energies to heal people of the diseases and discomforts that happen frequently while living in hell.