Karma and Health Problems

Karma is the source of all health problems. Please realize that when we use the word karma, (as explained in our “Karma” recording), we refer to both karmic debt repayments for past actions and karmic spiritual tests for an Ascension in this lifetime. Karma can result from actions in a previous lifetime as well as from actions done in this lifetime.

In the wisdom and techniques included in our upcoming Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures, (shown below), we describe how one can use the 3 Love Energized Healing Crystals that come with our new “Guided Bilocation Meditation to Cut Karmic Ties” recording to self heal one’s health problems like back pain, cancer, etc. by cutting the karmic ties associated with one’s health problem.


There are an amazing amount of possibilities for self healing and expansions of Conscious Awareness contained in our Guided Bilocation Meditation recording. Below are some experiences reported by people using this incredible recording to self heal and self help themselves.

I listened to the Guided Bilocation Meditation today.  The energies were fantastic. I did have a lot of memories and images of people and events that came up for tie cutting and cleansing. It was an amazing experience.  When the meditation was over, I sat in the chair for a while, not able to move. Then, I got up only to move to a more comfortable chair and proceeded to go out for over half an hour. I strongly recommend those listening to the Guided Bilocation Meditation allow for a recovery period…its that powerful.

It is such a beautiful recording…its like nothing else exists. I liked it so much that after an hour of integration and knowing that I couldn’t do really anything 3D I did the recording a second time. During the second time, different things came up to be severed, less major but still important…this is truly Amazing. Was so expanded in Consciousness that I had to eat something…I almost put the cereals in the fridge. Definitely recommend to do it in the evening. 
NB South Africa


Underneath are some of the pictures of our Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures for Stress, Trauma/PTSD, Back Pain and Cancer.