Free 3rd Eye Test

Our Free 3rd Eye test enables you to determine if you have energetic blockages from emotionally charged memories of unpleasant past events that are hindering your abilities to expand your ESP and enjoy life.

Due to the Tragedy of Knowledge most ancient wisdom has been lost or modified to where the wisdom is confusing, as seen in the word “Chakra”. Many people are aware we have a 3rd Eye in the center of our forehead that enables one to access their Mind and use Extra Sensory Perception.

But, in today’s hectic digital world, few people realize we have 3 Energy Spheres not one, as explained in our “Attain Enlightenment” recording. People no longer know how to use their 3rd dimensional Conscious Awareness to access the 3 Energy Spheres of their 3rd Eye and their 4th dimensional Mind, which is the source of one’s Extra Sensory Perception.

Our Free 3rd Eye test empowers people to determine if their natural ability to access their 3rd Eye and 4th dimensional Mind is being hampered by a lack of Love Energies due to unpleasant memories.

The do it yourself Karma Fire Ceremony and Self Rebirthing Technique in our “Karma” recording enable one to cleanse emotionally charged energies of anger and regret from one’s unpleasant memories.

Click below to play the Free 3rd Eye test: