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We now offer our recent Love Energy Techniques Basic at Home Seminar series of recordings to those who wish to move on to experiencing activating one or more of their Merkabas, or simply for personal enJoyment. We also offer recordings made before 2012 by Ga Ra on a variety of subjects and unique soothing musical recordings… Read More

Something new has arisen in that part of Africa that is the birthplace of humanity’s temporary physical bodies and the birthplace of Humanity’s permanent Minds, or Souls. Conditional Love is a temporary 3rd dimensional energy that connects one to others in human physical bodies. However, the multidimensional permanent energies of Unconditional Love connect one to the Minds, or Souls, of other Human Emotional Bodies… Read More

Ga Ra and Za Ra’s Sacred Healing Salves contain Teraphim level Unity Consciousness Healing Energies of Unconditional Love that were infused directly into “Sacred Beeswax” and other natural ingredients during a series of 7 separate ancient ceremonies using ancient Philosopher’s Stones…Read More


Crystal Teraphim Pouches

Love Energized Essences

We offer two unique e-books written by Ga Ra. One is an allegorically written account of how a Legion of Golden Solar Angels came to Earth to help others prepare for Ascensions and in the other, Ga Ra describes describes self help techniques to feel Bliss, Prevent Depression and Relieve Boredom. Read More

The Unity Consciousness energies of 7th dimensional Crystal Teraphim are carefully protected when placed in Teraphim Pouches for travel, or other reasons.  Our Teraphim Pouches are made from hand designed “batik” 100% cotton fabric and hand assembled using 100% natural jute or hemp drawstrings, and are 6” x 8.5” in size. Read More

Love Energized Essences are created from Ga Ra and Za Ra’s Alchemist ancestor’s legendary formulas by Love Energy Adepts who infuse Unconditional Love Energies directly into natural ingredients using ancient ceremonies to create our exotic Love Energized Essences.  Read More